An Act of Devoting Oneself For the Upliftment of Others

One has rightly said that the greatest act of kindness is to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. G-SIL Educational Society one of the best NGOs of the Nation, based in Sonipat, Haryana, ever since it’s foundation in 2015, has been constantly working to nurture the lives of underprivileged by running distinctive activities. It has instigated a journey to provide free education and health care services to the needy. One such great initiative started by Dr Gaurav Sharma, President of G-SIL Educational Society,  is NEKI KI RAAH, a journey to uplift the lives of underprivileged by providing them with free educational and healthcare assistance.

There are people who are living lives whereas there are some who are just lagging behind even for basic necessities. NEKI KI RAAH is a philanthropic initiative aims at making the lives of less privileged children secured with proper education, health and sanitization. It is initiated with a motto to provide aids, assistance in every facet of life required by the underprivileged people of the society.

As quoted by the Founder Dr Gaurav Sharma, Act of kindness is not a one time act rather it’s an ongoing journey to pursue. With a skilled team of experts and enthusiastic youth, the journey began and within a short span of time, it has reached every nook and corner of the Nation by successfully transforming lives through running different campaigns, ceremonies and activities. The humanitarian drive is doing wonders and proving it’s mettle by successfully associating more and more honorary members, volunteers who have been burning the mid night oil to benefit maximum strength.

It is quite evident that the drive NEKI KI RAAH, is one of a kind because instead of working on a single prospect, it aims at traversing through all the peripherals of work areas in the betterment of individuals and upliftment of Nation. Hence, it has been awarded as one of the best NGOs to work with.

As the name says NEKI KI RAAH, a journey which is on going and will continue to serve the Nation in every possible way…….

Our Approach


Each one of us has the right to be able to have a quality living with basic amenities available. Different campaigns are being organized and run to generate funds for the weaker section of the society and to uplift them physically, socially and emotionally

Award Ceremonies

We emphasis on bringing forth the talent by serving the skilled people with the right platform and recognizing their talents in distinctive honors organized under the banner of NEKI KI RAAH on regular basis

Give- Away

In collaboration with our partners and sponsors, regular give- a ways are being held in slum areas pertaining to the needy. Being it aids of any sort, these give-away are organized at appropriate places after the research work done by volunteer team


Our humanitarian initiative is a result of collaborative efforts. Collaborations of all sorts are being welcomed and made effective in the best interest for the welfare of the society and to make it available for maximum beneficiaries

Our Ventures

We are flourishing with each day with your love and support. NEKI KI RAAH- An act of devoting oneself for the upliftment of society was ventured to cater to all those who need support or assistance in any form. Within a short span of time, numerous campaigns and honors were executed and the list still goes on


A glorious honor for the exemplary women of India

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, NARI ASTITVA AWARDS  is organized every year virtually to honor the tireless efforts and ever increasing zest of Women of India. Their hard work, commitment and dedication is par excellence. Applications from across the Nation poured in giving this award an overwhelming response and appreciation


An illustrious honor for the legends par excellence

Legends are not born; they are created with investment of time, hard work and zest to do something. Our Nation is bestowed with such great legends who have devoted years in their respective domains to make it outshine in the World. G-SIL EDUATIONAL SOCIETY under the flagship of NEKI KI RAAH, organized INDIAN LEGACY AWARD & INDIAN NOBILITY AWARD  to recognize the efforts of distinguished personalities in various facets of profession


An honor to recognize the life saviors of the Nation

When it comes to recognition, how can we miss out the relentless efforts of the most selfless beings- Doctors. This award received commendable response from all across the Nation. Over 150 CMOs and Doctors around the Nation received recognition under this banner on the account of National Doctor’s Day