From the founder's Desk

The actual purpose of life lies in living for others- that’s what Dr Gaurav Sharma, Founder President of G-SIL Educational Society has been emphasizing his life’s goal upon ever since he realized how fortunate we all are to be bestowed with everything in life.  The idea behind setting out G-SIL Educational Society was to, being able to become a one stop destination for those who need assistance in any form irrespective of other aspects especially in the Educational arena. He has been setting paradigms for all through his greatest traits comprising of hardwork, conviction and strong will. His hardwork speaks in his work as he is a proud recipient of more than 200 National and International honors. Through his relentless efforts, he has been able to transform the lives of more than 500 children so far and list goes on of his philanthropic deeds. He feels proud and content s to play a small part in enabling and inspiring people to come forward and help the underprivileged children attain the basic right of education and well being.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma
President G-SIL Educational Society

Dr. Kalyani Rao
Global Vice-President
Global Social Interest League, an NGO, India

From the Vice President's Desk

She completed Post Graduation & Master in HR Management Development. Due to her passion towards NATURE, turned up into Educator , IBDP CAS Coordinator and then  to a trained UN Climate Reality Leadership COP, Global Edu Environmentalist, Global UN SDG Project Creative Head, Student Engagement Program Planner. Kalyani Rao is expert in designing and planning Oceans Conference, Beach Clean-up Activities, Community Services, Youth Internship & Entrepreneurships trainings, International School Exchange Programs, MUNs, International Educational Trips, Crowdfunding campaigns, Overnight Adventures Residential camps etc. Moreover, she is a Global Motivational Speaker on SDGs, Project Facilitator, Classical Singer, Healthy Cook, Mind Counsellor, Reiki Therapist and Practitioner. She always strives to inspire others to achieve the very best they could and works strenuously to boost the morale of everyone around her. Her dedication and zeal towards her work in both professional and social sectors have been awe spiring. She believes in “Give More Greens…To Protect Blues.”. She is the Founder & Director of EventsKart.Her popular Global SDG projects are SATTVA in 2021 and Suchana – A Global UN SDGs Real Action Project in 2022. She believes in ” Give More Greens….To Protect Blues


To work for the social development and integration of underprivileged children, groups and communities by imparting quality education


Our organization ensures nurturing each child with the right to education, protection, development and empowerment leading to the development of the Nation making it prosper


Our objective is working together towards a mission of waking up to an empowered nation where no one is deprived of education, food, health assistance

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